8 new ports to boost economic and tourist activities in Mindoro: PRRD

Port of Bulalaçao (RTVM screenshot)

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday expressed confidence that the eight improved and enlarged seaports in the Mindoro provinces will lead to robust economic and tourism growth in the island.

During the simultaneous launch of eight integrated seaport development projects in Western and Eastern Mindoro, Duterte said the new ports affirmed his administration’s determination to improve the lives of Filipinos by pursuing vital infrastructure projects even in the Middle East. in the midst of the 2019 coronavirus disease pandemic (Covid-19).

“We welcome this opportunity with great optimism as this public infrastructure will improve mobility and productivity and help boost economic growth in the region,” Duterte said in a speech in Calapan City, in Oriental Mindoro. “Besides the seamless connection of our regions, these ports will also boost the tourism industry in the island of [Mindoro]. “

Duterte made the remarks because he acknowledged that Mindoro Island “plays an important role in strengthening the interconnectivity of the country” as it serves as a gateway for passengers and goods from Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao. and vice versa.

He also commended the Department of Transport and the Philippine Ports Authority for their commitment to complete the seaport projects in Mindoro.

“I congratulate the Department of Transport, as well as the Philippine Ports Authority for their work on the eight seaports to be inaugurated today. These achievements have been made through our ‘Build, Build, Build’ program. “said Duterte.

The improved and expanded seaports include the two port projects of Abra de Ilog port in Western Mindoro, as well as the port projects of Calapan, Balatero, Bulalacao, Mansalay, Bansud and Roxas in Oriental Mindoro.

The Calapan Port Passenger Terminal (PTB) can now accommodate 3,500 passengers anytime after its expansion. The access road to the port has been completed to avoid the build-up of traffic in the area.

Puerto Galera’s new port of entry, the Port of Balatero, offers passengers a comfortable journey with an enlarged PTB and an extended jetty and emergency area. The port’s PTB can accommodate 500 passengers at any time as Puerto Galera reopens to tourists.

At the same time, the improvement of the reinforced concrete platform (RC), the RoRo ramp and the RC jetty at the port of Bansud will strengthen the operational capacity of the port.

Bulalacao Harbor, with a completed and expanded save area, can now use its maximum capacity and space.

The expansion of the Port of Mansalay, which plays a major role in the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH) and has been identified as one of the main routes, will enable the seaport to meet the demands of maritime trade in the region.

Development projects in the port of Roxas include the expansion of its backup area, RC platform and RoRo ramp and the installation of a new port lighting system.

Completed projects in Abra de Ilog Port, Occidental Mindoro’s main seaport, include construction of its RC jetty, RoRo ramp and access trestle, and construction of the new operating building of the Harbor.

Duterte pledged that the government will remain focused on meeting the country’s “current and future” needs through all of its policies and programs.

“While we put the well-being of our kababayes at the top of our priorities, we can certainly find ways to improve their lives, especially those who need it most, “he said.

Duterte hoped the government and its private partners would continue to work together to achieve “inclusive progress” that would make public services “more responsive and accessible”.

“I also hope and pray that the result of our joint efforts will inspire our citizens to participate more actively in the common task of nation building,” said Duterte. (ANP)

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