9 Potential tourism activities during the pandemic

TEMPO.CO, JakartaTourism is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as hotel, restaurant and tourist destination businesses are in decline. However, some tourism activities are feasible during the pandemic.

A speaker at the University of Indonesia’s Tourism Study of Vocational Education, Diaz Pranita, says there are nine types of attractions that could be further improved during the Covid-19 pandemic. “If a development is implemented, these special tourism activities will bring significant benefits to the national economy and the population over mass tourism,” Diaz said during a webinar titled “Tourism E-talk Series” Friday December 11.


Not only do these have great potential to develop, according to Diaz, the special tourist attractions also follow health protocols as they are run by certain communities and in small groups.

The nine types of these activities include village tour, rock climbing and paragliding, marathon, sailing or yachting or diving, rafting, cave tour and paramotor, ecotourism, mystery tour and thousand-year-old tourism or for young people, and voluntourism.

Mount climbing.

Diaz Pranita advises companies wishing to develop these tourism activities to offer the best service, experience and safety, but don’t be tempted to offer tours with too many participants. “Limit the number of participants and take into account the capacity and sustainability of the environment.

It is also important to create detailed planning and have a direct effect on the population, as well as to create a positive image of Indonesian tourism. Diaz Pranita says the pandemic has shifted the tourism perspective from “safety first” to “health first” as adhering to health protocols is essential.


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