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As Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State gradually settles down for his second term, one thing that comes closest to his mind is how to generate the enormous resources he needs to implement his daring projects for the state. The governor plans to create an industrial revolution and an economic center in Ondo State which will soon become the envy of everyone.

Although his state is one of the oil producing states, however, he understands the need to look beyond oil and gas to generate the kind of resources he needed to achieve the economy of his dreams. He thinks that tourism is the key to this economic pole that he is building.

On a personal note, Akeredolu is a firm believer in the power of a tourism economy, saying, “If you give me an oil field or tourism and ask me to choose one, I will choose tourism.

To this end, he has embarked on the path of consolidating the achievements of the construction of a tourist economy that he started during his first mandate. He implemented a number of initiatives at the time, including a partnership with the Oshodi art gallery to facilitate ARTFEST.

Faithful to his tradition of partnering with professionals to give free rein to his tourist dream, the Governor forged a strategic partnership with Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, president of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, when he met him the last week to develop a plan. The meeting was held in the wake of the start of the Asun Carnival, which was organized in Ondo town by Akinboboye and his team. Residents of Ondo Town have now embraced Carnival as an annual event.

The meeting ended on a fruitful note, with the governor not only signing Akinboboye as a strategic partner and arrowhead of the Ondo State tourism project, but he also unveiled his dream for tourism and this which he intends to carry out with him for the State.

To achieve our dream of developing Ondo’s tourism and entertainment industry, we have entered into a strategic alliance with a highly regarded private sector practitioner, Otunba (Dr.) Wanle Akinboboye, the founder of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, which is also a son of Ondo Town Soil, ” Akeredolu revealed.

Otunba Akinboboye has been in the tourism industry for over three decades and has shown his courage through the establishment of his flagship resort in Ikegun Village Lagos State. He was also involved in the initial creation of the Mare Festival and recently the Asun Carnival launched by Destination Ondo, an initiative he created this month for his city and by extension, our state.

“We believe that with this alliance our expectations for tourism and entertainment development will be realized and that our Sunshine State will once again set the pace to find unique and creative solutions to our challenges as a people. “

Akeredolu is very clear on the direction he is taking with his tourism dream, as he told Akinboboye: “We believe that the jobs generated by the type of tourism industry that we envision for our state will provide opportunities for all. . Indeed, it does not focus solely on educational achievement, but rather encompasses an understanding of our culture, the ability to present our music and dance, and a willingness to display our pride in the talents and heritage of our great. people.”

To emphasize that he is at the top of his game and knows what to focus on, he went on to outline a number of tourist attractions in the state that he wants to put on the global tourism map for the benefit. of his beloved people.

“As you know, our glorious state is filled with many natural attractions. These attractions include a stretch of coastline of sandy beaches, countless mountains, rivers, and the famous Idanre Hills, where the mountains came to host a conference and then refused to leave.

“Ondo State also has a rich cultural heritage which encompasses unique music and dance. Our state must harness its natural features, culture and talents to create and operate a tourism and entertainment industry that focuses on showcasing the best of Ondo state’s culture and natural features while creating wealth and hope for our young people. ”

As part of his commitment to the tourism project, the governor has created an atmosphere for peace and security to thrive in the state by strengthening a state security team known as Amotekun.

In Nigeria today, two key issues that require intense government attention are youth security and engagement, employment and empowerment. It is with this in mind that the Ondo State government, under my leadership, established and manages the Amotekun Security Force, which has established and maintains a security network that draws on the skills of security of our people to help make Ondo State a more secure state.

Simultaneously with this initiative, our government is also focusing on job creation and youth empowerment. In this regard, we are keenly aware that the bulk of security problems in Nigeria stem from the deprivation of civil rights felt by millions of our young people, who are unable to find gainful employment to generate the income they need for their lives. provide for their basic needs and the dreams they are entitled to. ”

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