Dubai University launches tourism course for ‘high school dropouts’ – News

DCT courses focus on five core faculties – Tourism, Events, Hospitality, Retail and Culinary Arts

With the exam results season underway, Dubai high school graduates will be focusing on the next steps in their future careers.

This decision-making period can often be an extremely stressful time for young people, some of whom will want to continue studying, but are unwilling to take the traditional academic route to college.

This year, Dubai Tourism offered an alternative to students. The newly inaugurated Dubai College of Tourism (DCT) is a government-backed institution that will specialize in vocational training for the emirate’s thriving tourism and hospitality sectors.

The vocational training offered by the DCT has been designed to strike a balance between on-the-job training and a purely theoretical diploma. Students will acquire practical and marketable skills that have direct application in real life, and the training will open new doors, allowing students to explore a myriad of exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

DCT courses focus on five core faculties – Tourism, Events, Hospitality, Retail and Culinary Arts – and will help young people acquire various trades and general skills from established industry professionals.

The college will educate and empower future leaders, entrepreneurs and employees of Dubai’s growing tourism industry, ensuring a constant pool of highly skilled hospitality professionals for the city.

Until now, the options for this type of vocational training in Dubai have been very limited.

According to a 2014 Deloitte study, only one to three percent of Dubai students enroll in vocational education after high school, which could lead to labor shortages in key industries in the future.

With Dubai’s tourism and hospitality sectors expected to employ a workforce of over half a million by 2020, the industry-specific vocational training DCT offers has never been more important .

DCT is now accepting applications for the September 2017 Introduction to the Tourism Industry course. To apply and view the college prospectus, visit

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