ETC publishes a 7-step guide for the development of sustainable tourism

The European Travel Commission (ETC), representing 32 national tourism organizations in Europe, published a seven step guide for the sustainable tourism development European destinations.

The “Implementing sustainable tourism: framework and toolbox” The ETC Handbook aims to be the ultimate roadmap for European destinations on how to approach each step of a journey towards sustainable transformation.

The manual presents a seven-step framework that provides practical advice on how to advance the development of sustainable tourism for all European destinations regardless of how far they have come in their path with the ultimate goal of improving sustainability outcomes.

The new ETC manual builds a urgent case of change, describing the potential burdens of tourism development on communities, ecosystems and the climate. It also describes the many advantages adopt sustainable tourism practices at the national level.

The framework is built as a modular approach towards the development of sustainable tourism at the national level. Each of the seven stages is broken down into Activities which act as a practical teaching, a “How? ‘Or’ What” towards more sustainable tourism.

Photo source: ETC Handbook on Sustainable Tourism Implementation

The traditional model of tourism – the way the sector has developed in Europe over the past 50 years – is at a tipping point. As far as tourism management is concerned, it is imperative to integrate sustainability into national strategies and to ensure that it goes beyond mere symbolism, to make a real and tangible difference at all levels ”, said ETC chairman. Luis Araújo.

The manual also includes best practices, top tips, useful links, checklists, templates and interesting facts to demystify sustainable tourism and support the development of national approaches.

This practical tool was produced by a consortium of expert organizations – GoodPlace Slovenia, GreenCase Consulting and the Travel Foundation – with advice from ETC and its members.

The manual is available free of charge here.

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