Fishermen oppose endemic tourist activities on the Perupalem coast

Fishermen and farmers in the coastal belt of Perupalem, in the district of West Godavari, led by the Human Rights Forum (HRF), on Monday condemned the numerous tourist activities and the infrastructure created for this purpose in the area. coastal regulation (CRZ).

On Monday, coastal communities gathered in South Perupalem and deliberated on the denial of their rights to the coastline, marine ecosystem and land by government and private actors.

HRF Andhra Pradesh and VS Krishna, Telangana Coordinating Committee member, said: “Fishermen are already suffering from the decrease in fish catches at sea in recent years and are now dependent on the land, cultivating coconut plantations and of filao. National tourism authorities and private actors threaten their livelihoods with the intensification of their activities. They have already violated CRZ guidelines, disrupting the fragile Perupalem coastal belt with illegal constructions.


The state government’s encouragement for tourism infrastructure was a systematic deprivation of the natural rights of local communities on their coast, said Mr Krishna, who joined the fishermen at a rally at the Narasapuram sub-collector’s office. against tourist activities.

HRF Secretary of State Y. Rajesh and State Committee Member G. Rohit asserted that the relevant authorities have remained silent on the blatant violations of CRZ rules on the Perupalem waterfront.

“Tax and law enforcement authorities previously uprooted coconut and casuarina plantations grown by local communities largely near the beach, paving the way for tourist facilities,” Rajesh said.

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