Gastronomy will stimulate the development of tourism – President of the FTAN

NNN: Mr. Nkereuwem Onung, President of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), said that gastronomy will drive sustainable development to sustain the economy and boost tourism in Nigeria.

Onung said this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Abuja.

NAN reports that World Sustainable Food Day 2022 was celebrated on June 18, with the theme “Putting Nigerian Food on the International Map”.

NAN also reports that the day was organized by the National Institute of Hospitality and Tourism in Abuja.

According to Onung, the theme of this year’s celebration needs more work, to ensure that local cuisines arrive in international markets well packaged.

“When you support gastronomy, you support the economy, look at our hotels; they depend on a certain amount of farm inputs every day.

“So if this hotel is doing well, the farm will never run out of spring, that’s the main reason why we will continue to celebrate the day.

“We are not able to export food to other countries efficiently, along with proper packaging, due to its cumbersome process.

“It takes a lot of food processing and preservation technology to get there,” he said.

Onung said there is an opportunity to bring Nigerian food to the international market as it will boost the economy due to its unique delicacies, rich culture and boost tourism.

Mr. Otunba Olumoko, Vice President, Institute of Tourism Professionals of Nigeria, South West Zone, said gastronomy would help inform the world about Nigeria’s rich variety of foods, beverages and beverages.

“Like what happened on June 18, which was ‘World Sustainable Food Day’, it was a remarkable event because it was the first time that a food expo recorded large-scale attendance.

“We had around 35-40 local and international exhibitors that day, hopefully next year I think the number will increase.

“What makes it more beautiful is the ‘Mobile Hospitality Training Kitchens’, which I considered a magnanimous gesture.

“The truck can be parked at an outdoor event, even on the streets, and the food on display can be served hygienically at low cost,” Olumoko said.

Gastronomy is a cultural expression of nations through their food choices, the sources of ingredients, and the types of cuisines that flourish culturally.

Nigeria is one of the most competitive food tourism destinations in Africa due to its unique culinary culture and attractive cuisines of international renown.

NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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