Haiti – Tourism: Establishment of reception facilities for tourists

Haiti – Tourism: Establishment of reception facilities for tourists
06/29/2012 12:14:03 PM

As part of her action plan, Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, the Minister of Tourism is working to set up “reception facilities” for tourists.

“[…] When you arrive somewhere, in any country, you have what is called a country tour guide, in which you have a summary that tells you if you are going to a place, this is what you can visit, this that you will find. When you get to this place it is necessary to have a management unit, that the place is clean, that there are toilets, catering facilities etc …

What have we decided? […] The Ministry of Tourism has an action plan that it is implementing now, we have 113 million gourdes in the budget that was voted. A first disbursement of 45 million gourdes has been made. We take the majority of that amount for promotion. As you know, we have launched the new promotion and image change campaign for the destination Haiti and we have participated in several exhibitions in North America, Canada, Dominican Republic. We have made great strides in promoting […]

The other important aspect is training. You cannot say that you are a tourist destination if the reception staff is not trained. I must tell you that the biggest advantage of a destination, what makes it competitive and attractive compared to another, is the service. Therefore, we must also be able to provide good service to tourists. […] this is why we are currently setting up a program in Les Cayes, since this weekend, for the continuing training of 500 employees in the tourism sector. […]

Another important focus of the ministry is to establish not only “reception centers” in the region, but the first reception of a tourist is at the airport. The Ministry of Tourism will have a ‘reception center’ at Toussaint Louverture International Airport, an information point so that each visitor who comes, can find information where he can go with a tourist card. By the way, we didn’t have a card, I placed the order and we will have them for the end of July. […]

The Ministry has collaborated with the agents who offer tours, who have tours.
You can see a nice photo of the Citadel, but if you don’t know how to get there … Thus, on the stand of the Ministry, each agent will have a place for the promotion of his visits and will provide information about the excursions, tours and activities.

Henceforth, the role of the Ministry is to ensure that in these sites, there is a management unit and a “reception unit”, sanitary blocks, benches and tables so that people can eat and ‘space is well equipped […]”

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