Seychelles Tourist Board staff visit a tourist establishment in the Inner Islands

The Seychelles Tourist Board is moving forward with its program of getting to know the product it sells in the inner islands of Praslin and La Digue, sending a group of staff to experience these establishments firsthand.

Seychelles Tourism Board employees discovered the many hotels and guesthouses available to visitors to Praslin and La Digue over the weekend.

Participants in the trip included representatives from the Marketing section, information offices as well as public relations.

“We hope that as staff learn about tourist establishments, they will provide them with the knowledge to sell them to those who visit the stands that the Tourist Board erects at its many tourism fairs,” said Seychelles Tourism. Chairman and CEO of the Board, Sherin Naiken.

“Once they know what customers can expect at the many tourist establishments, our representatives will be more convincing to our potential customers,” she explained.

Although this was a new experience for some of the staff of the Tourist Board who took part in the first familiarization trip to the Inner Islands, many of them said it was ‘a fruitful experience as they discussed with many business partners.

“This trip was a real eye-opener for me, as representatives of the tourism industry – who deal with clients on a daily basis gave me insight into what they thought clients were looking for when they came on vacation to the Seychelles, ”the public relations coordinator said. Alexandria Faure.

It was a busy schedule for everyone involved as they had to visit more than 20 establishments in 3 days. Among those visited were large hotels such as Dhevatara Beach Hotel and Spa, Le Duc de Praslin and Raffles Praslin Resort in Praslin. On La Digue, they mainly visited guesthouses like Hibiscus and La Digue Self Catering. The only major hotels on the list for this island were the Domaine de L’Orangeraie and the Hotel Patatran.

The second promotion of the Tourist Office landed on Praslin very early last Friday to continue learning more about the other tourist establishments present on both Praslin and La Digue.

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