The increase in tourism activities leads to reverse migration

PARBAT: With the increasing trends of tourist activities in the village, the inhabitants of Chitre village of the rural municipality of Modi in the district of Parbat, who had migrated to the neighboring towns, have now returned to their place of origin.

Reverse migration for locals is reported for the creation of tourism businesses after the increasing trend of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Chitré in recent days. Home stays have prompted more people to return to their own villages from cities. Nishan Gurung has returned to Chitre after leaving the Pokhara town hostel and plans to do business in his own village.

He said he planned to establish a home in the village of Chitre. “My goal is to earn more money in the village than in the city. There is a limited economy in the city. Besides, I can devote myself to other work here, ”explained Gurung of his motive for returning to the village from Pokhara.

The inhabitants of the village are enthusiastic about better tourist activities lately. Up to 10 families have started the home stay service with better infrastructure in Chitre and provide good services to domestic and foreign tourists.

Chitre Home Stay Rural Tourism Development Committee chairperson Sushila Devi Gurung said up to 50 tourists arrive in the village daily. But, the number could sometimes increase as students from schools and colleges arrive on weekends from other districts.

Harka Man Gurung, who returned from Kathmandu, said tourism activities created a jovial environment in the village. “The climatic situation in the village is very good here. We can earn sufficient income right here with normal jobs, ”Gurung added. The village looks like a city due to the arrival of tourists lately, he observed. (RSS)

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