The PM presents a strategy to “gradually reopen national and international tourism activities”

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen presented a number of strategies that will lead to the reopening of national and international tourism activities “step by step” in Cambodia

In his message – celebrating World Tourism Day 2021 – the Prime Minister said tourism has been severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak across all parts of the supply chain.

In Cambodia, the number of international tourists declined by 80.2%, affecting more than 110,000 direct jobs and tens of thousands of indirect jobs, and this trend will continue to decline in 2021.

The Prime Minister stressed that the royal government has defined a strict strategic angle and defined a policy aimed at vaccinating the population against COVID-19 as soon as possible, in accordance with the objectives set, and to continue to promote the implementation of measures administrative and sanitary. measures, in particular the “3-Prevention-3-Do” rule to serve as the basis for the complete reopening of economic and social activities, step by step in a new path of normalcy and high responsibility.

To save the tourism sector from the COVID-19 crisis, the Prime Minister has defined four priority strategies:

1: Based on the speed of vaccination all over Cambodia, we believe that Cambodia tourist destinations really guarantee the safety, trust and confidence of domestic and international tourists.
This, combined with the adoption of a new normal life by adhering to sanitary measures to prevent COVID-19, will allow Cambodia to gradually reopen its national and international tourism activities, keeping public health as a priority.
Competent authorities at all levels, the private sector and stakeholders should cooperate to support strategic planning for opening up safe tourism in the future.

2: In the past, the tourism sector has played an active role as a growth engine for other socio-economic sectors through the influence of the economic coefficient of 4 to 5 times and the high employment coefficient, with a direct employment in the tourism sector can create 1.5 indirect jobs.
In this regard, the Prime Minister encouraged relevant institutions, local authorities, the private sector, youth and national and international development partners to promote the creation and provision of more diverse tourism services through the launch of programs for young people and businesses in the tourism sector.
Promote the creation and innovation of rural tourism, as well as raise awareness and strengthen the capacity of digital tourism at the local level under the coordination and direction of the Ministry of Tourism and in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization, the international community and development partners.

3. The COVID-19 crisis has left the tourism supply chain at all levels almost completely suspended, hampering the process of tourism recovery to come.
In this regard, the Prime Minister called on the relevant ministries and institutions to cooperate more actively with the Ministry of Tourism to train additional skills and new skills for young people in accordance with the Sustainable Tourism Skills Development Mechanism.

4: After the COVID-19 crisis, the Prime Minister expressed the opinion that the tourism trends will be different from before, that is to say that safety and comfort will be a priority in the choice of the destinations of trip.
In this regard, the PM encouraged and supported the launch of the “Cambodia safe” campaign as a strategic angle to attract national and international tourists in the reopening phase and in the future.


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